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KD Health Australia



KD Brand was created in 1999.  This brand is owned by KD Health Food Australia Pty Ltd. In its early days, this company was devoted to the research  and market development in baby sheep placenta, essence of kangaroo and other products.  It has since then been continuously researching the series of KD Brand Products;  to build up a century-old brand, the company also simultaneously focuses on the training of biotechnology R & D talents;  its team boasts professional knowledge of Australian natural therapies and possesses high natural health awareness and passion for market innovation in order to provide effective healthy food supplements for more and more sub-healthy people.  

The company attaches importance to the product quality and has, in the years that have elapsed, established an excellent brand reputation and loyal customer base.  In 2010, the company developed the GOLDMYLIS milk powder brand, also gaining the deep trust from customers.   

In 2015, the company again developed KD brio-beauty ampoule smear, extensively welcomed by the users.  KD’s beauty series will also continue to innovate and open up newer and larger markets